Friday, 29 July 2011

Some of the Birds

The first week we stayed in the Saas valley in South Switzerland, not too far from the Matterhorn, at 1400m above sea level. Over the holiday I managed to see 67 species.

Common Redstart - a garden bird in Switzerland
On the way there from Geneva, there were dozens of Black Kites as well as a few Red Kite, Common Buzzard and 2 Marsh Harriers.

Black Redstart - common in the mountain villages
In Saas Fee, many Black Redstarts and a few Common Redstart  in the gardens and several Fieldfare. I still find it strange to see this 'northern' winter thrush to be hopping around with Blackbirds in central Europe in summer.

Summer plumaged Fieldfare
More typical of the Alps around the village were  a few Crag Martin, plus lots of House Martin and Common Swift, White Wagtail, Crested Tit, Serin and Crossbill as well as the more 'British' birds such as Blackbird, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush, Carrion Crow, Great Tit, House Sparrow (no Starlings) and a good population of Spotted Flycatcher.

A rather ragged Black Kite

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