Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mountain birds

Of course the best birds in Switzerland are those of  the high peaks and I was fortunate to catch up with most of them. Failed to see any Wall-creeper despite checking one spot twice where I had them in 2007 and at another site where they have been seen before. The weather was pretty wet during all attempts which certainly did not help. However most of the other birds were much more co-operative.

Water Pipit - Saw this species on 6 different mountains

Alpine Chough - Quite common on the mountain tops, especially around the
mountain restaurants, a bit like me.

Citril Finch - this was one of 4 on Mannlichen, I saw another one
at Schynige Paltten. Smashing birds.

Snowfinches - Another restaurant inhabiting species - these were at Allalin
Lesser Whitethroat, Lesser Redpoll and Linnet, all familar species at home, were also seen, but in Switzerland these species only occur at high altitudes. The Lesser Whitethroats for example were nesting above the treeline in stunted Mountain Pines, so different from here at home. I've been to the Alps many times before but only once before have I seen Ptarmigan, so I was very pleased to see one along the Eiger Trail.

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